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Holidays in space? Perhaps soon!

4 months ago

Holidays in space? Soon we could finally be there. We'll tell you everything about the extreme plans of the EX astronauts!

Axiom Space - Company wants to make travel dreams in the orbit come true

What should it be this year’s summer holidays? An all-inclusive stay on the Italian Mediterranean coast, a hike in the Swiss Alps or maybe a city trip to London? If all of this bores you or you've always been passionate about adventure travel, then there's a whole new and extraordinary destination to discover soon!

The “Axiom Space” company based in Houston, Texas, is working on a project that will make commercial stays in an orbital hotel possible by 2021 at the latest. The Axiom Space company was founded in January 2015 by the former NASA astronaut Michael Suffredini. They want to be the first company in the world to offer a full-service space travel experience package that provides everything from round-trip transportation to accommodation in one of the very exclusive high-tech modules. If everything goes according to the company’s plan, the summer holidays can soon be designed with this rather unusual destination, instead of the alternatives mentioned before.

The interior design of the station, for example, comes from the French star designer 'Philippe Starck', who became world famous for his futuristic furniture designs and architectural projects. The individual modules, which can accommodate up to seven people at the same time, are predominantly kept in an elegant beige tone and equipped with comprehensive technical equipment.

These range from the latest generation of TV screens, to a Wi-Fi network, to a surround sound system. "Imagine that! You look down on the earth from a height of 400 kilometers and listen to your favorite music as you float in a capsule that cambers around you like a cocoon. That must be fantastic. "(SZ, 2018), 'Michael Suffredini' enthuses when he talks about his project. According to 'Suffredini', the first modules will be put into orbit within four years at the latest.

Initially, the modules will still dock with the ISS, where they will also be available to host scientists. However, it is planned that as soon as the ISS is largely shut down, which should happen not later than 2024, the station "Axiom Space" will move independently in the orbit as a separate unit.

The versatility of the station - A new commercial development center in space

In addition to being used as a tourist destination in space, the station is primarily intended as a development center for the private sector. "Axiom Space" aims to enable research under so-called 'zero-gravity conditions' with the Industrial Production Development Center. Due to the low gravity in space, it is possible to develop materials that would be too expensive to develop under conditions on earth. By 2027 at the latest "Axiom Space" expects that the revenue from the development center will exceed that of the other business units multiple times.