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These 5 everyday heroes were there when they were needed!

2 months ago

Accident and dangerous situations happen every day and without an ambulance or fire department we would be defenceless. Good that in times of need, there are other everyday heroes who intervene without performing such a profession.

There are accidents and dangers everywhere and sometimes it takes more than luck to escape them. Fortunately, we have authorities, such as the police, ambulance and fire department, to protect us from impending dangers. But if these can’t be on the spot immediately, we must hope for the intervention of our fellow human beings and sometimes even intervene ourselves. These five everyday heroes have done the right thing and have come to help people in need:

#1 The postman

Robert Sweeney has just finished bringing the post on December 11, 2008, when he heard the panic calls for help of a mother. The postman found the mother in front of her lifeless baby. He did not hesitate and laid the baby on the lawn and applied life-saving measures. When the emergency doctors called by the neighbors arrived, the baby was already rescued. According to the reporters, 'Sweeney' did not realize the situation until he got back into his truck where he burst into tears. Without his correct and quick action, the mother might have lost her child, but 'Robert Sweeney' did the right thing without any doubt.

#2 The children from Calw

In Calw, Baden-Wuerttemberg, German,y an 11-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl did a very important move on 16 November 2017 when they witnessed an accident. While the 11-year-old boy set up a warning triangle and alerted the local police, the 12-year-old cared for a pregnant woman, who was obviously in massive shock. While all in the accident involved were overwhelmed with the situation, the two children did intuitively just the right thing and were therefore exemplary everyday heroes despite their age.

#3 Even stars can be heroes

Jamie Foxx is not only known for films like "Django Unchained" and "Collateral", but also for his heroic actions on the night of 18 January 2016. Near his Los Angeles estate, a car overturned and caught fire. Foxx and another witness ran to it, turned the car over, shattered the window and rescued the young man out of his car.

Foxx tweeted a photo the next day, hugging the lucky father with the text: “Met the father of the young man. This is all that matters. That a man, a son, a brother's life was spared last night. No heroes ... Just happy fathers. “

#4 Loonie Hood and Robert Skaggs

The construction worker Loonie Hood and the driving Robert Skaggs rescued the truck driver Ronald Tobias on October 22, 2009, who was trapped in a truck with propane gas that had already exploded.

'Hood' jumped from the construction site, ran to the truck and kicked the window of the truck in. Together with 'Skaggs', who turned his car as quickly as possible and came to help, he was able to free the driver. They saved the life of Ronald Tobias.

#5 Basketballer saves woman from drowning

On US Memorial Day, NBA player Donté Greene heard a woman calling for help from his boat on the American River (Sacramento). She was drowning after falling off a boat trying to climb a ladder when the took off.

Greene did not hesitate, jumped into the water and rescued the woman from drowning. He later told the reporters: "I honestly don't even think I was thinking -- I was just reacting," he told KCRA. "I was pretty confident in my swimming abilities."

From postman to superstar and from construction worker to children. Everyone can be a hero! We can be lucky to have police, fire department and ambulance. However, it is just as important to have people like these who step in to help and save lives. No matter where you come from, anyone can be a hero by just doing the right thing at the right time.